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The Best Cheese GIFs


Here are the best cheese gifs you can find on Internet. These all pictures inspired us so that we've decided to do some funny interpretations of these animated photographies. Enjoy !    1. When...

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Parmesan Pencil


Fancy sharpening some cheese? German Advertising Agency Koll Rebbe found the solution to make it possible to scatter Parmesan shavings across your salad and pasta. The agency invented a kit...

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Cheese-rolling race in Gloucester, or how to catch a cheese rolling up to 100 km/hour !


On May, 25th took place the cheese race in Gloucester, in Cooper’s Hill. It has been existing for at least two centuries.  The aim of this traditional and completely crazy race is easy...

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Mystery of holed cheeses finally unraveled !


For years now, the issue of holes in some cheeses have been coming up, and for years now, it is always the same answer. What if we knew the right answer now?     Why are there holes in...

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Cheese Tattoos: Our Top 10


Sometimes, cheese-lovers are ready to go to any length for their passions, even writing it on their skin. But be careful, this kind of love is not easy to wipe away ! Here is a top 10 of cheesy...

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