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The Shapes of our Cheeses


In the past, cheese makers used to use a basket called “forme” in French (literally “shape”), to drain the water out from the milk collected at the farm. The result of the operation was logically...

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Cheese families


Back to basics. As in other articles, we help you find your way in the wonderful cheese universe. Here is an article to present their classifications.  As presented in the list below, there are 8...

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Glossary of Cheese Terms


When you take a delight in savouring our French cheeses, are you confident enough to talk about your sensations? Indeed, and as for wine or other delicate products, cheese comes with a very large...

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How to Make Cheese?


  Before we try to surprise you, to entertain you with our delicious cheese boxes, we thought it inconceivable to start our British blog without answering this basic question : how is cheese...

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