- What is in the box ?
Each box includes 4 unpasteurized cheeses, for a total weight ranging between 650 to 800g. They come with a tasting leaflet introducing each of the products and their producers.
- How are the cheeses selected ?
The cheeses are selected from local producers based on criteria focused on savour, production method and seasonality. We only partner with Cheese Masters and Affineurs, guaranteeing the quality of our products. All our cheeses are unpasteurized cheeses and most of our producers use the milk they collect on the same farm where the cheese is produced.
- Can I choose my cheeses in advance?
The content of our boxes is kept secret until you receive it at home or at the office. It is thus not possible to choose the cheeses in advance. Every month we offer you the best possible selection, in line with our high quality and freshness standards. However, if you don’t want to receive a specific cheese, please tell our customer service in advance and we will ensure you don’t receive it.
- How are the products packaged?
All the cheeses are packaged in appropriate papers (greaseproof paper for soft cheeses, vacuum-packed film for hard cheeses) and are then put in a refrigerated packaging that meets food sanitation requirements. We also add cooling gel blocks to maintain the cheeses at constant temperature throughout the shipping.
- Where can I find/order the cheeses of an earlier box ?

All the products that have already been sent in our previous boxes are detailed in the “Our Products” page. Unit orders are not available for the moment but they will come soon.



- How does my subscription work ?
Each month, you will receive a box from Les Nouveaux Fromagers between the 20th and the 28th of the month.
If you have chosen the no-commitment subscription, it will be automatically renewed for the following months until you decide to terminate or suspend it.
If you chose a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription, you will receive your box every month until the end of the subscription period. You will then have to extend your subscription or subscribe to a no-commitment subscription in order to keep receiving our exceptional products.
- When will I receive my “Les Nouveaux Fromagers” box?
You will receive your box between the 20th and the 28th of the month. We send you an email when your box is shipped as well as when it is delivered.
- How can I unsubscribe ?
You can unsubscribe by going to “My account” page on the website, and select “My subscriptions”. Click on the “Cancel” button next to the subscription you want to terminate or suspend it.
- Can I unsubscribe at any time?

You can unsubscribe at any time if you have a no-commitment subscription. If you unsubscribe before the 5th of the month, you won’t be charged and won’t receive the box of the month. However, if you unsubscribe after the 5th of the month, your subscription cancellation will only be taken into account for the following month.
(Please note that the first month of a new subscription can’t be cancelled)

- I want to discover your offer for one month, how can I do ?
You can subscribe to our no-commitment option and then unsubscribe before being charged for the following month (the 15th of the month). For example, if you subscribe on the 1st of November and then unsubscribe on the 13th of December, you will receive and pay for November’s box only.
- Can I suspend my subscription temporarily?

Yes, you can suspend your subscription for a certain period if you are away or on holidays. Go to “My account” then “My subscriptions” and click the “Suspend” button next to the subscription you need to suspend.
You have to suspend your subscription before the 5th of the month in order not to get charged and receive your monthly box.
This suspension is also possible if you have subscribed for 3, 6 or 12 months. Thus, your subscription will be postponed by the period of suspension.
Important: The subscription suspension is valid for one month only. You will have to renew it if you need to suspend it for several consecutive months.

- How to update my personal information ?
You can find all your personal information in “My account” page on the website. You can for example update your billing and shipping addresses there.
- I received a gift voucher. Where can I use it ?

You can activate it from the page “Use a gift voucher”.



What are my delivery options ?

You can get your box for free at the adress of your choice, everywhere in UK. Therefore, you can be delivered either at home or at your office.

May I change my delivery mode and/or adress ?

Yes, you can change them regardless of your subscription, from My Account page. Please, change them before the 15th of the month so that we take it into account for the box of the month (eg : change the information before September 15th to receive your September box at your new adress)

- How are Les Nouveaux Fromagers’ boxes sent ?

Our boxes are sent via Fedex within 24 hours. Our isothermal solution enables cheeses’ cool preservation for the whole duration of transport.

Should I be present to receive the box ?

You must sign to get your box. Deliveries usually takes place in the late morning. We advise you to get your box delivered at your office or at your neighbours’ house if you are not at home during delivery hours. You will receive on delivery day a link to be able to follow your box and to give instructions to the haulier.

 My box arrived in poor condition. What can I do ?

Send us a picture of your box at the following adress : hello[a]lesnouveauxfromagers.fr and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

 -  Do you deliver boxes elsewhere than in the UK ?

Yes, we deliver boxes in France via our website www.lesnouveauxfromagers.fr



- When will I be charged ?
If you subscribe, you will be charged instantly for the first month and then on the 15th of the following months.
If you purchased a gift subscription, the total amount will be charged at the time of the order.
- How can I update my credit card information (loss/robbery/credit card expiration)?
This option will be available soon. If you have any problem with your payment card, please contact our customer service.
- Where can I find my bills?
Your bills can be found in “My subscriptions” in “My account” page.
- How can I pay for my box?
At the moment, 3 types of credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard and Carte Bleue.
- How secured are the banking transactions?

Banking transactions are totally secured thanks to our partner Paybox.



- I cannot log in. What can I do ?
Send us an email to: hello[a]lesnouveauxfromagers.fr.
- What happens if I refer a friend?
For each friend you refer, you earn 5??? that you can use for your next order.
- How can I refer friends?

You need to enter their email address on the home page, just below “refer a friend”. They will then receive an email telling them that you want to refer them. They will have to sign up and subscribe to one of our options in order for you to earn 5?? for your next order.