The Best Cheese GIFs


Here are the best cheese gifs you can find on Internet. These all pictures inspired us so that we've decided to do some funny interpretations of these animated photographies. Enjoy ! 


1. When someone offers industrial cheese to a cheeselover

cat cheese industrial


2. When you go home from a party where you drank more than ate...

cat fridge cheese party home


3. When someone at a dinner knows better than you about cheese

maggie smith aristocrat


4. When cheese rules your life

cheesus christ interview


5. When you have bitten off more than you can chew during a cheese tasting

jerry cheese


6. When you dream about the creation of Swiss cheese's holes

mickey cheese holes creation cartoon


7. When you get prepared for a dress-up party

costume cheese party


8. When your dad argues with you because you ate the last cheese in the fridge

dad cheese fridge whole wheel


9. When you bring cheese to your friends for predrinks

predrinks cheese