Best Quality

Each month, we offer you a selection of 4 exceptional cheeses, mixing renowned cheeses and the Nouveaux Fromagers discoveries.

Exceptional products from local farmers

Every month, Les Nouveaux Fromagers introduce you to excellent unpasteurized cheeses, for the most part with a PDO* and farmstead cheeses, selected from very local farmers for their taste and their traditional production method. To this end, we visit local producers and select for you their best products.

Each box contains 4 cheeses – between 600g and 800g in total.

As an example, our launching box offers cheeses produced and/or matured in historical dairies like Marcel Petite (Comté) or Dongé (Brie de Meaux), with the following amount of cheese:


(Re)discovery of the cheese universe with a new and relaxed way

Each box comes with a tasting notebook presenting the production secrets and specificities of the cheeses of the month and also tells their producers’ story.

What you should know

* PDO: Protected Designation of Origin: P as protected by the European Union. The Designation of Origin is a system that protects a cultural and gastronomic heritage

Farmstead cheese : the cheese is produced with traditional methods in the same farm where the milk is collected.