How to pair Cheese & Beer: 7 key rules


Since the dawn of time, the pairing between cheese and wine is considered an ideal pairing, and a great way to finish a good family meal. In France, the land of a thousand cheeses and wines, this is understandable. However, this time we have decided to leave the beaten track ...

What if we offer cheese a small infidelity? What if we let it flirt with another product, the time of a summer? 

We could not miss a pillar of the world of beverages: beer.

Pints of Beers

The pairing between cheese and beer can be considered preposterous by some people but this association begins to know more and more success among cheese and beer lovers. And who could blame them ?

If the rules of pairing craft beer with artisan cheese were irrevocable, would it be as exciting? It definitly would not. The experience of beer and cheese pairing is always based on the people’s perception and it can change from a person to another.

Here are a few rules in order to choose wisely when pairing craft beer with artisan cheese.

Rule N°1: Choose the cheese first

The multitude of different kinds of craft beers can seem daunting, so you should try to shop for the cheese first. Then you can decide what beer might pair best with the cheeses you bought.

Rule N°2: Look for common characteristics

You should look for characteristics (both in terms of flavour and texture) that will complement each other.

Rule N°3: Pick only two or three cheeses

The main advantage pairing cheese with craft beer is versatility. You can easily pair the same beer with different cheeses. Also, pairing different beers with the same cheese allows the characteristics of each beer to reveal itself.

Rule N°4: Order is the key

When tasting beers or cheese, you need to begin from the lightest beer and lowest alcohol content, to the heaviest bear and highest alcohol content.

Rule N°5: Serving too cold

Lots of beers taste better when they are a bit warm, and it is true for cheeses as well. Think about removing the cheeses from your refrigerator at least one hour before serving, depending on the type of cheese.

Rule N°6: Oxygenation

Because it can reduce the flavours of both cheese and beers.

Rule N°7: Double dipping 

Just like beer, cheese can have lots of different flavours, and some are stronger than others. In order to avoid « contamination » make sure to have separate knives for each type of cheese.

Beer and cheese pairings