Press Release: God Save French Cheese!


The first cheese box is invading the United Kingdom.

God Save French Cheese: le lancement !

After a year and a half of thriving activity in the cheese country by excellence – France – we are delighted to announce the arrival of a refreshing concept into the UK, namely: Les Nouveaux Fromagers.

A singular concept

Similarly to the model used in France, the idea is simple: enabling our customers to have a monthly selection of 4 exceptional raw milk cheeses delivered at their door. Each selection mingles well-known products (Comté, Roquefort…) and “Les Nouveaux Fromagers” special discoveries (Jefou, Bleu des Basques…).

Various options for all your wishes

In this new territory, the concept stays the same and offers cheese lovers to treat themselves or a relative through different options, lasting from 1 to 12 months. These offers start at £29,90 per month, shipping cost included.

Our products are perfectly packed

We are very careful with the packing of our cheeses before putting them in their refrigerated boxes, which guarantee and preserve their freshness throughout the delivery. In each box, you can also find a tasting leaflet giving information about the products, their history and their makers.     

You just have to decide where to receive your cheeses (at home or the office), we take care of the rest!      

An ambition reinforced by the acquisition of Du Bon Fromage

To progress even faster in this new adventure, we acquired the website Du Bon Fromage (, pioneer in the shipping of French cheese to the United-Kingdom, and launched in September 2014 by Arthur and Victor Letréguilly as well as Jeanne Florentin. This purchase will enable us to benefit from their insights about this new market, and to keep on defending our values: protecting the French terroir and making our community discover high quality cheese.


Logo Du Bon Fromage

Follow us in this tasty adventure!


                                                                                                See you soon,
                                                                                                Les Nouveaux Fromagers

About Les Nouveaux Fromagers

Arthur and Olivier – two 30 years-old cheese lovers – launched “Les Nouveaux Fromagers” website in October 2013. The idea was (and still is) to recreate the link between consumers and small producers, by guiding the former in the discovery of high quality cheese.

The keywords we fight : Industrialisation, pasteurisation, standardisation…

Those we defend : Quality, discovery, gastronomy, “terroir”, local productions…


Where to find us ?

- hello at lesnouveauxfromagers dot fr

- In France :

- And : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest          


A singular concept

Les Nouveaux Fromagers: The concept


A modern website

 Four exceptional cheeses each month


A packaging made for cheese…

     Packaging of the cheesebox 


… For deliveries at home or the office !

Cheese delivery