Ready, Set, Cheese!


A box full of delicious cheese delivered at home? No, you’re not dreaming! Since mid-May 2015, the French start-up Les Nouveaux Fromagers has been exporting its boxes towards the UK, and offers to treat you or a relative to a monthly selection of exceptional cheeses.

A singular concept

From £29.90 per month, you can receive a selection of 4 raw milk cheeses combining renowned cheeses (Comté, Saint-Nectaire, etc.) and special discoveries unearthed by our dedicated team.

Comté Cheese by Marcel Petite

Various options to suit your needs

Our offers start at £29.90 per month, and the price depends on how long you commit. Our “unlimited” option enables you to discover the offer without committing on a specified term if you’re not ready for it.

If you are not the biggest cheese amateur of your circle, don’t worry, we also have gift options to treat this family member or friend we all have!

Cheese for a relative: Our optionsOur different gift options

Exceptional products unearthed from the French Terroir

Every month, we try to suggest two “classics” (like Camembert or Beaufort) and two “discoveries” (like Gratte-Paille or Jefou), so that you are guided in the most coherent way in the beauty of French gastronomy.

All our cheeses are selected with local producers for their savour and traditional cheesemaking methods.

Our parcels stay fresh until their delivery

We are very careful with the packaging of our delicate products, and their freshness is guaranteed throughout the whole delivery, thanks to the use of refrigerated isothermal boxes.

You may receive their boxes at home or at their office, and no bad surprise: the delivery cost is included in the total price!

Enter the cheese universe in a modern and serene way

Every box is composed of a tasting booklet that reveals the cheesemaking secrets and special features about each cheese. Moreover, it also introduces the public to the story our local producers.

You can also find further information about the monthly selection on our “Our Products” page.

Hoping that you will enjoy our concept as much as our delicious cheeses, we are delighted to embark on this adventure! Come with us!