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Bonde Cendrée

This cheese is made from raw goat milk, its delicate and creamy texture gives off tastes of hazelnut and mature hay. And a slight acidity outline its freshness.




Bonde de Sologne is a raw goat milk cheese from the center of France. This lactic cheese can have a white or an ash coated rind. It can be eaten at every stage of its ripening. It can be eaten fresh, with only 3 weeks of aging, or more creamy with minimum 6 weeks of aging.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

This cheese can be enjoyed with a Bandol blanc, a Chinon or a Menetou salon

Our Bonde Cendrée

The Hardy dairy was born in the postwar period, before being taken over by Michel Passat in 1997 and affiliated with Tradition Cheese Makers. Since 2007, the company specializes in the ripening of farmers goat cheese. The Hardy dairy collect cheeses from thirty Farmers from three areas: Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, Valencay and Selles-sur-Cher.

Did you know that ?

The rind is thin, pleated ivory or gray if it is a ashy cheese. Its paste is white and dense. It can have a more or less thick creamy layer under the rind depending on the degree of ripening.



Commercial name : Bonde Cendrée Name : Goat milk cheese Type : Soft paste with ashy rind Preservation : Around 8°C
Fat content : 45% Ingredients : Goat milk, lactic ferments, salt, rennet, colorant (vegetal coal) Allergen : Milk
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Fromagerie Hardy Address : 41130 Chatillon-sur-Cher