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Coeur de Rollot




Made with milk from the white and black cows from the North region, this cheese then dries in a maturation room, where it gets frequently washed with salted water. It then ripens in wet cellars in Thiérache (a small part of the North Region), and gets this very special savour and its intense orange rind there.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

This cheese should rather be served with a strong red wine or Madiran, but will be even better enjoyed with a beer from the North of France (or a Belgian one).

Our Coeur de Rollot

Settled in Sommeron, in the very centre of the North Region, Leduc’s Dairy is the result of a 3-generation old family savoir-faire. After beginning working for his parent’s dairy, founded in the 30s, Claude Leduc decided with Nicole, his wife, to expand their activity and built, in the 80s, their own cellar to age cheese. 30 years later, their 2 sons and their brother-in-law joined the dairy, which now works with 10 milk producers, and produces Maroilles (90% of its production) as well as other less famous Northern specialities (Vieux-Lille, Sorbais, Mignon…).

Did you know that ?

In May 1678, Louis XIV, on his way to Flanders, stopped in Orvilliers, near the village of Rollot, to have lunch. A cheesemaker named Debourges served him Cœur de Rollot. Succumbing to the charm of this cheese, the King called it the “Royal cheese”, and granted the cheesemaker with a 600 pounds pension, transmittable to all its descendents.



Commercial name : Coeur de Rollot Name : Soft cheese with washed rind. Type : Cow milk cheese Preservation : About 8°C
Fat content : 26% Ingredients : Cow milk, rennet, ferments, salt. Allergen :
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Leduc Dairy Address : 02260 Sommeron