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Flowery Tomme

This Austrian Tomme has a very unique appearance and has nothing to envy to other similar cheese. Its many flowers (blueberry, strawberry, rose…) give surprising floral aromas to its paste and make it truly unique.




This cheese matures for approximately 4 months in fresh cellars, and then needs a second phase of maturaton (this time covered with flowers) in order to make the floral flavours soak into the cheese.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

A fruity white wine from Savoie will be perfect with this cheese (or from Austria if you find some).

Our Flowery Tomme

The Claudepierre farm in Lapoutroie advocates traditional farm production. Rémy Claudepierre has a cattle of about thirty cows, mainly of Vosges and Montbeliarde breeds. The cows are in the stables of the farm in winter, and in pasture in spring and summer. The cows exclusively feed on hay, herbs and grassland flowers from the Alsacian mountains of the Vosges.

Did you know that ?

This cheese finds its roots in Austria and today has a few equivalents in France. Formerly called Tomme spring, it is now the star of Austrian cheeses.



Commercial name : Flowery Tomme Name : Raw cow milk cheese Type : Uncooked pressed paste Preservation : Around 8°C
Fat content : 31% Ingredients : Raw cow milk, lactic ferments, rennets, salt, flowers. Allergen : Milk, Strawberry Flowers
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Ferme Claudepierre Address : 48650 Lapoutroie