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Ossau-Iraty Grande Réserve

Ossau Iraty is a major pride for Basques people and is labeled PDO. This cheese is made exclusively with the milk of local breeds of sheep (Manex and Basco-Béarnaise), and it has a complex and flavorful texture with hazelnut aromas and slightly caramelized for the most refined.




Ossau-Iraty is recognized AOC since 1980 and PDO (Protected Designation of Origin - European level) since 1996. The Ossau-Iraty is made in a farm or dairy production, and is the only AOP cheese in the Southwest . Cylindrical, its rind varies from yellow-orange to gray. This exceptional cheese comes in two sizes: the small size weighing between 2 and 3 kg and the large size weighing 4-5 kg. The refining period is from 80 to 120 days.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

In terms of wine, Ossau-Iraty goes particularly well with a red wine from the Jura or a red Irouleguy, with aromas of black fruit and violets.

Our Ossau-Iraty Grande Réserve

In 1983 was inaugurated Onetik, the cheese factory of Macaye. The ambition was to develop wonderful Basque cheeses. The dairy is located in Macaye in a small village in the Basque Country in the Pyrenees, and it has now been 30 years that Onetik collects milk from the cooperative Berria and its producers, and turns it into authentic and tasty cheeses, coming from a true ancestral knowledge. Today Onetik collects milk from over 150 sheep milk producers and 200 cow milk producers in the Pyrenees. Some farms are in some remote areas but Onetik work to safeguard agro-pastoralism by maintaining milk collection.

Did you know that ?

In the first century, the Latin writer Martial mentions the presence of Pyrenean cheese on the Toulouse markets. In the fourteenth century, sheep cheeses became an exchange value recognized in many lease contracts or sale and is the first source of income of the shepherds. This ancestral production expanded and continues today.



Commercial name : Ossau-Iraty Grande Réserve Name : Pasteurized sheep milk cheese Type : Uncooked pressed paste cheese Preservation : Around 8°C
Fat content : 29,5% Ingredients : Pasteurized sheep milk, lactic ferments, rennet, salt Allergen : Milk
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Onetik Address : 64240 - Macaye