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Picodon is a round goat cheese, whose name comes from the Occitan dialect in the South of France, and which means “to tingle”. It is easy to recognise with its pleasant smell, its tender heart and its delightful nutty aromas.




This cheese matures at least 2 weeks and up to 3 months, for those who want to obtain a cheese with a lot of personality.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

A dry white wine from Savoy

Our Picodon

Valcrest gathers milk from 5 agricultural cooperative based in the region. Picodon is the main product of the organisation, which also offers some cow milk-based cheeses.

Did you know that ?

Picodon is the first cheese that ever did a tour around Earth, in a space shuttle! The astronaut Jean-Jacques Favier indeed took 14 cheeses along with him in 1995, on board the American shuttle: Columbia. A big trip for a very small cheese!



Commercial name : Picodon Name : Raw goat's cheese Type : Goat Preservation : Around 10°C
Fat content : 22,5% Ingredients : Goat milk, lactic ferments, rennet, salt Allergen : Milk
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Valcrest Address : 69700 Givors