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Rigotte de Condrieu

Produced in the famous wine region of Condrieu, Rigotte is a soft goat cheese with a bloomy rind. With a finely wrinkled rind and a delicious, creamy and nutty paste, this cheese is a beautiful goat cheese.




This little raw goat’s milk is moulded using a ladle, in accordance to the regional traditions from which it was born. After approximately 10 days of maturation, its bloomy rind appears, and the paste obtains an ivory colour.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

This acidulous cheese will match well with a regional Condrieu as white wine, or a Syrah as red wine.

Rigotte de Condrieu

Charismatic figure of Lyon’s famous covered market, Renée Richard - also known as “La Mère Richard” - has transmitted her passion for years to other people, and was thus known as their adoptive mother. Also close to Paul Bocuse, he is the one who gave her this affective nickname. After she passed away at age 84, Renée’s daughter took the business over.

Did you know that ?

Rigotte de Condrieu use to be made with a large part of cow milk (25%). This practice has now become prohibited after the cheese received the its Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in 1997, and the making requirements are now much stricter.



Commercial name : Rigotte de Condrieu Name : Soft Cheese with natural rind Type : Goat Preservation : Around 8°C
Fat content : 20% Ingredients : Raw goat’s milk, lactic ferments, rennet, salt Allergen : Milk
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Mère Richard "Mions" Address : 69780 MIONS