- Selection n° 4 -


Packed in chestnut leaves tied with natural raffia, this milky gift is as tasty as original. In addition to a pronounced goat cheese smell, the leaves give to Banon some very pleasant forest-like aromas.




The specifications of this PDO are very strict and require high quality milk, itself guaranteeing a high-level of final quality. Besides that, the chestnut leaves are wrapped around the cheese after only four days of maturation, which enables the cheese to age in a flavourful way for the rest of the maturation process.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

Pairing this delicious goat cheese with regional wines is the best idea, such as a Bandol for instance.


Located in the middle of the forest, Banon’s dairy gathers milk from 18 local producers. Founded 30 years ago, the dairy mainly produces Banon, along with some local. Interesting to note: 5 to 8 chestnut leaves are required to make Banon, with 1 or 2 minutes of folding time for each cheese, which explains its high price in traditional cheese shops.

Did you know that ?

In the past, chestnut leaves were used to protect cheese: they prevented insects from landing on them, and kept them from dust while they were stored.



Commercial name : Banon Name : Soft cheese with natural rind Type : Raw goat’s milk cheese Preservation : About 8°c
Fat content : 25% Ingredients : Raw goat milk, rennet, ferment, salt Allergen : Milk
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Fromagerie Banon Address : 04150 Banon