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Brie de Provins

Compared to the light taste of Brie de Meaux, and the strength of Brie de Melun, Brie de Provins is rather soft, fruity, with a touch of acidity. It also differs from its cousins because of its chalky texture, due to its low fat content.




Brie de Provins is exclusively made from raw milk and respects ancestral traditions. The curd’s moulding is handmade with a “Brie spatula”, which airs it and makes the cheese more flavourful. During its maturation, Brie de Provins is flipped over every 3 days.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

Brie de Provins will get along well with a Burgundy red wine, and is even tastier in company of a regional cider.

Brie de Provins

The farm belongs to the Rothschild family and has 150 cows grazing in a wonderful environment. This family is the unique maker of this type of Brie in France, and alongside with this very specific product, it also produces Brie de Meaux and some other local cheeses.

Did you know that ?

Named after a medieval city registered on the UNESCO world heritage, this cheese is made in a way that perfectly respects the traditions of this region, as well as its agricultural heritage, often forgotten because of the closeness from Paris.



Commercial name : Brie de Provins Name : Soft cheese with bloomy rind Type : Raw cow milk cheese Preservation : About 8°C
Fat content : 20% Ingredients : Raw cow milk, ferments, rennet, salt Allergen : Milk
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Ferme des Trente Arpents Address : 77220 Favières