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Tomme d'Estaing

Tomme d’Estaing is a pleasant and accessible cheese, favouring soft and floral aromas in mouth. The sheep milk taste is very present and gives a pleasant countryside flavour a to the cheese. 




Maturing for about 2 to 6 months in natural cellars, this generous tomme benefits from ideal conditions to highlight the real delicacy of its savours.

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

The aromas of a dry Jurançon should softly lift those of this tomme.

Tomme d'Estaing

In 1996 was born the cooperation project “Les Bergers du Larzac” (“The Larzac Shepherds”), formed by 11 farmers, including the original founder André Parenti. The idea was to create value through the milk of their sheep, and help in the establishment of young farmers far from the industrial quota system. From the beginning, the cooperative have bought Roquefort Coulet’s premises from the Cavalerie and hired a cheese expert. The first production started on April, 8th 1996 with Pérail and a sheep’s tome. Today, this structure enables to make a living for 17 families: 6 delivery man and 11 cooperative’s employees.

Did you know that ?

This tomme results from producer’s deep desire to create a sheep tomme which were different from usual cooked pressed paste cheeses, while preserving a handmade production.



Commercial name : Tomme d'Estaing Name : Pressed uncooked cheese Type : Thermised sheep milk cheese Preservation : Around 10°
Fat content : 28% Ingredients : Sheep milk, rennet, ferments, salt Allergen : Milk
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Les Bergers du Larzac Address : 12230 La Cavalerie