Cheese-rolling race in Gloucester, or how to catch a cheese rolling up to 100 km/hour !


On May, 25th took place the cheese race in Gloucester, in Cooper’s Hill. It has been existing for at least two centuries. 

Cheese rolling race participants disguised

The aim of this traditional and completely crazy race is easy : participants go down the hill running after a 3.5 kg cheese, called Double Gloucester. The first person to cross the finish line wins the cheese. But it is not that easy given poor condition of the ground and high speed of the cheese that can reach 100 km/h (a spectator was even injured by the cheese in 1997 !). Ambulance wait for participants that hurted themselves at finish line to treat sprained ankle or broken bones…

Spectators of the cheese rolling race  cheering participants, a participant is falling

Here is the trial in video (very special distinction to the Man in yellow and his incredible speed at 1’50 !)