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Invented in the 60s, this cow milk cheese is enriched with cream. This gives buttery aromas to the cheese, which reminds us Brillatsavarin. It is creamy and pleasant in mouth, and its softness makes it the friend of all palates! The more it ripens, the stronger its paste becomes.




The Gratte-Paille refinement period is between 6 and 8 weeks

Tasting tips

Pairing cheese and wine

Perfect with a light red wine or some champaign

Our Gratte-Paille

The Fromagerie Rouzaire is a family business. Louis, Robert and Marc Rouzaire have succeeded themselves at the head of this fromagerie in the heart of the Brie, which manufactures the most famous products of this region (Brie de Meaux, Brie de Melun ...) but also created certain cheeses (Fougerus, Gratte-Paille ou Pierre Robert). They are now working with 25 milk producers of Seine-et-Marne. All the manufacturing steps are carried out manually and the cheeses are turned twice a week in maturing cellars installed in Tournan-en-Brie.

Did you know that ?

The original name of this cheese is a reference to a path lined with bushes who pulled out the chaff of the wagons as they pass. It gave its name to an eponymous place, near the Fromagerie Rouzaire.



Commercial name : Gratte-Paille Name : Soft cheese with a bloomy rind Type : Raw cow milk Preservation : Around 8°C
Fat content : 45% Ingredients : Raw cow milk, rennet, ferments, salt. Allergen : Milk
Local cheesemaker / refiner
Name : Fromagerie Rouzaire Address : 77220 Tournan en Brie